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By the Good Book

The Book Club of Silicon Valley

By the Good Book is a San Francisco Bay Area-based Book Club that was created by and for individuals who want to foster meaningful conversations and well-rounded friendships within a community of black professionals who prioritize personal, economic and spiritual growth, with a view to collectively conceptualizing our African American experience.


Amid the busyness of our day to day grind, finding time to retreat, make friends and exchange productive ideas that will contribute to our overall personal, economic and spiritual well-being is something that may not happen unless it is intentionally sought and organized. This is exactly why ‘By the Good Book’ exists.

By periodically gathering to engage and discuss topics that foster growth, while also sharing personal experiences, we hope to learn from inspirational authors; from one another; and ultimately, to glean from time-tested biblical principles. Our goal is to do this, while making new connections and deepening existing relationships.

In a world in which we see the need to be well guarded in our day to day, ‘By the Good Book’ offers an opportunity to let our guards down among friends; to be vulnerable with one another and to receive much needed guidance, encouragement, and refreshment for our souls.

No events at the moment
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